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Jasper Middle School
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Problem of the Week

Mr. Mundy and Mr. Pryor are swimming at Patoka Lake.  As they are enjoying the water, Mr. Nichter comes by in his boat passing very close to his friends.  His boat was going so fast, the waves almost sank Mr. Mundy and Mr. Pryor had they not been wearing their Dora and Spider Man floaties.  Because Mr. Nichter felt bad about what had happened, he drove over to his friends and asked them if they were ok.  Mr. Pryor says, “How fast were you going?”  “36 kilometers/hour.” said Mr. Nichter.  Then Mr. Pryor says to Mr. Mundy, “I wonder how fast that is in meters/second?”  Help out Mr. Mundy and answer Mr. Pryor’s question. 

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